Bring it Home® Orange County

As businesses reopen while others no longer have a physical place of business, as people return to the workforce while others cannot find work, as real estate developers resume construction while others fail to break ground, the need for advocates rises; the need for good lawyers is paramount.

The need has added importance as we transition from quarantine to trying to improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens. The need is urgent because lawyers are oftentimes intermediaries between the real estate industry and insurers.

According to Justin Daily of Daily | Aljian, a boutique litigation firm in Orange County, California:

“Insurance contracts can be confusing and may leave a great deal up to interpretation. A good lawyer can point out the risks to the insurance company in not covering a claim as well as potential gaps in coverage to the insured, thereby bringing the parties closer to a fair, quick, and definite resolution.”

Justin Daily’s quote is a sound definition of what, in my opinion, good lawyering is; the ability to clarify, communicate, and consummate an agreement. These skills are valuable, always, but they are invaluable at this particular moment in time.

The moment requires two of the economy’s biggest industries, real estate and insurance, to work together.

The moment also requires speed, much like a person’s right to a speedy trial, in the sense that it is better to achieve a swift—and just—outcome than it is to try the patience of the system itself. The moment requires deliberation, not delay. The moment requires the real estate industry, in conjunction with the insurance industry, to show the nation how to recover; how to heal.