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No Mask No Dice: Masks on for Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – Vegas has always been – and will continue to be – a destination that represents adult freedom and the perfect place for a getaway. All the fun, energy, and entertainment of Las Vegas remains the same with a new #VegasSmart twist, including the...

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Realtors May Hold Key to Home Builder’s Virtual Tours Success

WRITTEN BY DAVID FLETCHER, NHCB POSTED ON FRIDAY, 15 MAY 2020 05:00 If  you ever visited a  new home model, you have experienced the WOW factor. The WOW factors that model merchandisers are paid big fees to create.  Unfortunately, that option is no longer available to...

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Got Bad Day Blues? Tips To Getting Past The Roadblocks

WOMEN IN BUSINESS WRITTEN BY TERRI MURPHY POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, 17 JUNE 2020 05:00 Ever have one of those days that did not go perfectly, making you want to crawl into a big deep rabbit hole with an extra big glass of wine? When that happens, we just want to hide, be...

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How To Choose The Best Refi: It’s Not Just About The Rates

WRITTEN BY JAYMI NACIRI POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, 17 JUNE 2020 05:00 As mortgage rates continue their freefall, more and more homeowners are opting to refinance. With the recent dips, experts are saying that even those who refinanced in 2019 should take a look to see if...

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Five Things You Should be Tracking

WRITTEN BY DENISE LONES POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, 17 JUNE 2020 05:00 It doesn’t matter what market I’m in, there are 5 things that are critical to track, and they have to do with things like the pace of the market, what the market is willing to pay, how the market has...

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