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WRITTEN BY DAVID FLETCHER, NHCB POSTED ON FRIDAY, 15 MAY 2020 05:00 If  you ever visited a  new home model, you have experienced the WOW factor. The WOW factors that model merchandisers are paid big fees to create. Unfortunately, that option is no longer available to those who prefer virtual tours at their convenience or virtual guided tours by appointment. Virtual tours cannot generate a WOW factor, leaving the model comparisons to square foot and price comparisons and the shoppers imagination. Orlando Realtor Pat Taylor, a past chair of the Greater Orlando Builders Association’s Sales and Marketing Council said a personal visit is always preferable to a virtual tour. “Home builders’ virtual tours need to focus on the flow and sense of arrival that the home features in person and come as close as they can to what a live tour would look and feel like. “It is difficult for most shoppers to visualize the space between a kitchen and the second bedroom, for example, unless they have an engineering background. “That is why I am such a fan of 3D technology,” Taylor said. Some builders are using 3D technology and there is no doubt other technology coming that improves whatever is in use now.  READ MORE