Bring it Home® Orange County

We all know that the pleasant climate and the many fun and entertaining attractions make Orange County an incredibly popular place to visit. Note that during your stay, you may enjoy many fun and exciting activities. This is because there is something for everybody in this beautiful part of California. There is no doubt that OC is an excellent cultural hub for a world of unique and memorable experiences.  

From science and automobiles to cultural paintings and historical artifacts, there are many different types of museums that you can explore that will definitely give you a glimpse into the various cultures of the world as well as snapshots into important historical periods, which is excellent.  

If you have little ones, you know that they love to touch and explore. The good news is that Orange County has museums that are an ideal place for kids to be kids. You can let your kids have a fun time at these fantastic museums as they see and explore a wide range of interesting and interactive exhibits, awesome play spaces, and live animals.  

Check out our list of the best museums throughout Orange County!

Discovery Cube Orange County​

Did you know that the Discovery Cube in OC offers 2 stories as well as a fantastic outdoor area of some hands-on science fun for your kids? The best thing is that every exhibit at this museum is educational and interactive. If your children love learning about dinosaurs, trying their luck at rocket launching, and planning a healthy meal, then you cannot miss the seasonal gingerbread exhibit at Discovery Cube!

Note that both adults and kids can fly an airplane, take a simulated helicopter ride, feel a hurricane, participate in an interactive and fun dino adventure, be part of an exciting space mission, and much more. It is worth noting that the original location of the museum in Santa Ana was so popular that new museums in Newport Beach and Los Angeles have since opened, which is excellent.

Bowers Museum

You may have heard of the Bowers Museum. This is because it was voted the best museum in OC for sixteen consecutive years by the avid readers of The OC Register. It is no secret that the Bowers Museum gives you pieces of the world’s most notable and finest culture and art.  

The museum specializes in world history and cultures. You will be pleased to know that there are often a couple of rotating exhibits and many permanent exhibits as well. Did you know that the Bowers Museum has over 100,000 works of art? And Pre-Columbian, Native American, and Pacific art are among its largest collections. The museum was founded in 1968 and continues to be an excellent center for cultural diversity and learning.

More than only a museum, Bowers Museum opens its space to host many lectures, exhibitions, art classes, and travel programs.

Pretend City Children’s Museum

Are you traveling to Orange County with your kids? If that is the case, a top attraction that you must include in your travel itinerary is the famous Pretend City Children’s Museum. It is located in Irvine. Note that almost everything here offers an interactive and informative experience for kids, which is impressive.

The museum is designed for kids to learn and understand how the real world works. Pretend City Children’s Museum is a kid-size interconnected city built with vibrant and rich educational intention, where kids can assume several real-world roles. Keep in mind that by painting, acting, and managing money, your children will get to explore diverse and interesting careers in an exceptional hands-on environment. 

Each of the activities at the museum will encourage the kids to use a variety of important skills. Some of them are math, teamwork, reading, and problem-solving.  And that is not all; there are many interesting sections that allow kids to engage in imaginative and fun play, like pretend banks, grocery stores, and cafes. Some other activities allow children to explore a few potential future careers, like medicine, farming, and construction.

Surfing Heritage Foundation

You can immerse yourself in some surf culture at the fantastic Surfing Heritage Foundation. The Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center is located in this pretty South County seaside community and leaves little doubt as to San Clemente’s significance and importance to the amazing history of surf culture.

Keep in mind that the organization provides you with information regarding the rich history of surfing and also presents the sport to newer generations. You can also learn about many iconic surfers and check out unique artwork devoted to surfing.


Kidseum is specially designed for young children and puts the world’s culture and art at your kids’ fingertips, which is impressive. Did you know that it is the only cultural-based kid’s center in Orange County? There is no doubt that your little ones will enjoy creating art in the fantastic “Glow Cave,” traveling back in time with the phenomenal “Green Screen Time Machine,” and engaging with various smart boards and tables.