Bring it Home® Orange County
There is no better way to get your children off of their devices and gadgets and out into the bright and lovely southern California sunshine for little to no financial investment than Orange County parks and playgrounds! The great thing is that there is a whole host of amazing parks and playgrounds right around the corner that you can take your kids to, not just to tire them out, but also to explore a new and exciting area.

And they will be tuckered out by the time they get home. However, we cannot guarantee that they will not ask to go again tomorrow. Visit these parks in Orange County and have a memorable and fun time with your kids.

Eisenhower Park

Eisenhower Park is an excellent park and has plenty of space for your children to run around and play. Your kids can check out two different playground areas, the small and gorgeous waterfall, and even run over the bridge. However, you have to bring some food. This is because one of the best things to do at this park is to feed the ducks.

Eisenhower Park also features barbeques, a 2 structured tot-lot, and green space that you can reserve for family reunions, birthday parties, and company and family picnics. There is also a lake for fishing, which is excellent. You will also find open areas for walking and exercise.

Aliso Creek Beach Park

If you are looking for a beach park, you will love Aliso Creek Beach Park. Note that Aliso Creek Beach Park is one of the most popular beach parks in Orange County. The park is amazing and located right on the sand at the famous Aliso Creek Beach, making this beach one of the best birthday party destinations. You will love this small, but fun and adventurous area. The park has a set of swings for kids, a few slides, and it overlooks the stunning ocean.

Also, it is worth noting that the play structures at the park are pirate ship themed and ideal for children to become immersed in some imaginary play. Aliso Creek Beach Park also has an enormous parking lot, clean and spacious bathrooms, and a snack shop that is open during the summer. Your kids will love this park.

Irvine Regional Park

You don’t have to worry about driving all the way to Irvine. This is because the Irvine Regional Park is located in Orange County. This beautiful and sprawling park has almost everything you could ask for in a family park, including paddle boats and the Irvine Park Railroad. Irvine Regional Park could be the right spot if you’re looking for a nice place to host a large kid-friendly gathering.

You can also bring your grill masters and cook in the BBQ areas. Moreover, you can choose from playing softball, riding ponies, visiting the lake, playing horseshoe, or riding ponies. And keep in mind that the park also hosts many popular and fun events throughout the year, such as the annual Pumpkin Patch. Also, Irvine Regional Park is home to the famous Orange County Zoo that your kids will like.

Parking is $3 on weekdays while $5 on weekends. Irvine Regional Park has four playgrounds and two swing sets, which is plenty to keep your kids occupied until it is time to go home.

Santiago Oaks Regional Park

Santiago Oaks Regional Park is another great spot that your kids will love. It is one of the most-visited regional parks in the area. The sprawling 1,700-acre park provides miles of hiking trails. This beautiful park is situated along the famous Santiago Creek. As a park visitor, you will enjoy the mature forest of trees, magnificent mountain views, orange grove, and the wildlife and creek.

Your kids can hike to the ridgetop for amazing panoramic views of Orange County. On the other hand, they can stay on the easy, low trails to explore the native habitat and a historic dam.

Marina Park

Locals often call this park the Lighthouse Park. This is because of the huge lighthouse slide right in the center of Marina Park. The park is located in the heart of Newport Beach. The enormous red-and-white-striped lighthouse with a huge tube slide attached and several restrooms underneath is what makes this park unique.

Marina Park has plenty of grass for children to run around, interactive and fun play structures, and calm and serene bay waters for exciting water play. Surrounding this amazing playground are several benches, a basketball half-court, shaded picnic tables, and the Lighthouse Café.

There is no doubt that large grassy areas make this an ideal spot for picnics, parties, flying kites, and blowing bubbles in the gentle ocean breeze. As parking is the only downside to visiting Marina Park, we recommend that you arrive early. Lunch is available next door at the Lighthouse Café.